Each season our conference planning committee works to put together an interactive day based on feedback from our membership. From acting as conference chair and reaching out to our speakers, to putting together event programs and gift baskets, there are many ways to get involved in the planning of our conferences.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our conference planning committee, please contact us.

WICE 2018 Spring  Conference Planning Committee: 

  • Gloria Patterson
  • Cathy Hugtho-Delzer
  • Jillian Nelson
  • Nathalie Ramos
  • Amber Sisson
  • Renee McClure
  • Alison Cumbow
  • Jalila Aissi
  • Elizabeth Toohey
  • Danielle Ellis
  • Branka Nirenberg
  • Tabitha Robinson
  • Rebecca Roberts
  • Lubaba Islam
  • Lili Gao
  • Chhandita Das
  • April Wasylenko
  • Bridget Woebbe
  • Carley Hume
  • Lilliana Frias
  • Jill Wasser
  • Kandi Terry
  • Jacqueline Carbone
  • Joy Zimberlin
  • Morgan Scott
  • Kimberly Ireland