During the past 25 years, WICE has encouraged, promoted and supported dialogue among women at all levels within the industry, in both private and public sectors. This is reflected in current and past membership at our Board level, which includes women from the New York State Public Service Commission, Consolidated Edison, the Energy and Power Research Institute, National Grid, the Alliance for Clean Energy NY, Hiscock and Barclay (a law firm specializing in energy issues), Robson Woese Inc. (a consulting engineering firm) and the New York Power Authority.

Board Of Directors

  • Amanda De Vito Trinsey, Partner; Couch White, LLP
  • Alison Cumbow, Section Manager, Consolidated Edison
  • Cathy Hughto-Delzer, Director, NY Regulatory Affairs; National Grid
  • Danielle Ellis, Operating Supervisor, Consolidated Edison
  • Jalila Aissi, Assistant Counsel; New York State Department of Public Service
  • Joy Zimberlin, Lead Regulatory Affairs Specialist; New York Independent System Operator (NYISO)
  • Morgan Scott, Sr. Technical Lead – Sustainability; Energy Power Research Institute
  • Rachel Friedman, General Manager, Astoria Operations; Consolidated Edison
  • Tabitha Robinson-Zogby, Director, Program Operations Manager – Marketing; New York Power Authority (NYPA)

Prior Board Members

  • Anne Smith, Vice President; Robson Woese, Inc.
  • Carol Monti Barris*, (Retired) Vice President of Facilities; Consolidated Edison
  • Carol Murphy*, President; Trailhead Energy Associates
  • Darlene Kerr*; (Retired) President & CEO; Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce
  • Dodie Tschirch, Vice President – Government Affairs; Cablevision Systems Corporation
  • Frances Resheske, Senior Vice President Public Affairs, Consolidated Edison
  • Jill Anderson, Vice President; Southern California Edison (Former Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, NYPA)
  • Joan Freilich*, (Retired) Vice Chairman; Consolidated Edison
  • Judith Lee (Retired), Executive Deputy; New York State Department of Public Service
  • Kimberly Harriman, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Public Affairs; New York Power Authority
  • Lisa Rosenblum*, Senior Vice President – Government Affairs & Education; Cablevision Systems Corporation
  • Maureen Helmer, Partner; Barclay Damon LLP
  •  Patricia Acampora (Retired), Commissioner; New York State Department of Public Service
  • Roberta Scerbo, Director – Customer Assistance; Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.
  • Susan Crossett, Vice President – Energy Solutions Services for Upstate NY; National Grid
  • Victoria Simon, Former Chief of Staff & Director of Energy Policy; New York Power Authority
  • Elizabeth Katz Toohey, Management & Operations Audits; New York State Department of Public Service